Boca Raton Termite Services

Boca Raton Termite Services
Boca Raton Termite Services

Boca Raton Termite Services

What is the extent of your termite damage and how serious? It is dependent on the circumstances. Termites can cause serious structural damage to your home if not treated promptly. To determine the extent of infestation, we recommend scheduling a complimentary examination with Pest Control Boca Raton. Our specialists will identify the issue and formulate a treatment plan that guarantees total recovery. Here are some examples of termite control products that we can use based on the circumstances of the infestation. Some species are capable to transmit deadly diseases. Pest Control Boca Raton provides peace of mind to protect your home from potential pests such as bees or wasps nesting near walls or the ground, where it may be difficult for them to reach inside. Your home must be secured against pests all year round. Pest control shouldn’t just be carried out only once in a year. Our pest control experts provide special protection that is backed by scientific research to keep them out all year.

Termidor Liquid Termite Control

The termiticide can also be used outside. It is also a great option to safeguard your home from future infestations by putting it in foundations. To ensure that you have the correct amount of treatment to each spot we employ flowmeters to measure the amount of treatment that was applied and the cumulative amount.

Damage and risk from termites to your property

Termites are among the most destructive insects. They are able to chew through wood without a sound and are difficult to spot. It is crucial homeowners to look for signs that termites may be present in their homes, before they cause major damage. A new study from the National Pest Management Association reveals how destructive these pests can become. Take a look at this video, which comes from the NPMA’s Tiny House’ Project. It illustrates how quickly termites can destroy offices and homes.

Pest Control Boca Raton Termite Control Methodology

Our experts will quickly and efficiently remove termites with speed and efficiency. This can prevent further destruction to your property or business. It starts with an evaluation of your present situation. We will determine where you are currently and what brought about your current situation. This will allow us identify the place you are in and the reason for your being there.

Inspect the Area

An Pest Control Boca Raton technician will inspect your home for any signs of pests, including dampness in the crawlspace or basement.

Time for Action

Pest Control Boca Raton discuss with you the results of our findings in the previous Inspection step and recommend treatment and solutions. The treatment is quick and is able to stop future infestations.


An Pest Control Boca Raton Specialist will create a Continuous Termite Prevention Plan to monitor and protect your home. It also comes with the Retrenchment Program. Termites are able to return to your residence free of charge if discovered after the initial visit.
Boca Raton Termite Control FAQs

What should you expect from Boca Pest Control Team Termite control?

Our skilled technicians can help you recognize and prevent future infections. Boca Pest Control Team inspects your home and provides a customized treatment plan to keep termites out. The treatment will get rid of pests returning during our warranty period. Boca Pest Control Team receives extensive training which allows them perform comprehensive inspections. This enables the team to provide unique treatments specifically tailored to the type and construction of the homes they serve. Since every structure is unique and unique, each one has its own pest needs and requires different treatments. If the warranty remains valid, they will re-treat all affected areas for free cost.

Every House is different

Boca Pest Control Team professionals can inspect, secure, reinforce or monitor your home to ensure that we maintain our high-quality service. Termites have evolved over the course of millions of years and have survived. Humans are unable to overcome termites’ ability to evolve and adapt.

How do you know whether termites are present?

You should be looking out for small holes within the wood to determine whether termites are present. These are called “woodpeckers” that indicate that termites could be entering your home through wood. This is due to their intense humidity and heat. If 1/4 of the board is unable to endure it may indicate that there is damage. Infestations that are serious enough to render the flooring unsafe may also be the cause of this. Flooring that is smaller than 4 inches can collapse under their own weight but the remainder of the flooring will be held by the floor above it.